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Akris Dragons Hunting Season (Part 2) - Active Event!

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Akris Dragons Hunting Season (Part 2)
"Heroes After you have defeated a large number of dragons sent from the void, you will now meet Jerint.
Jerint is the general's personal assistant and is known as the one responsible for the magic powers and the most powerful spells ever seen in the kingdom,
For example Nova is one of the spells he invented, Now Jerint needs your help and asks you to bring him stardust for a few years he was looking for it
and he had no way to get into space to get the stardust Now that these Akris dragons have been resurrected from the void so now you can help to him!"

"We have no idea why Jerint needs stardust he did not say anything to the general about it but we'll help him - the next will be continue"

Heroes, Your quest is to bring 10 Stardust to Jerint the Assistant.
- Knight Kingdom (153 , 129) -
To prove to him that the stardust you bring him is real, you will have to kill an Akris Dragon [Level 5].
Jernit was looking for this Stardust were locked for years,
In exchange for the stardust he is willing to give you a silver key.
Using this silver key you can open a chest that has been locked for several years.
You have to find the chest somewhere in the world, to release something important that can change the MU-World and Make it better to our side!
Interim Reward Chest
Hint: Jernit has no wings
Akris Dragons Hunting Season 3 - the next will be continue.

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