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Dark Lord ,Return Flame of the Glory!

Since the war began there has been only one flame that has never been extinguished.
This flame was once used to be the source of the power of the Dark Lord who fights the shadows, but when he realized that the Kundun was planning
an activity that would destroy the whole world he decided he should go alongside our heroes and fight with them.
the flame was a gift he received as the general in the dark army of the Kundun, But when he passed by our heroes the flame remained in the dark world,
The Kundun has found a replacement in your place as the army general and you must defeat him!

Lord, your mission is to bring back the flame and when you succeed you will gain immense power!
After you will Defeat the Inferno Rider the General of the Kundun Dark-Army!
Your quest has to begin!
In Defeated Lorencia you will find this Lord Emperor NPC. (138,133)
You have to be atleast 2 Resets , and you must take-off the Horse to prove him that your strong enough for this quest!
After that, he will teleport you into the place where the "Inferno Rider" is Hiding with your flame!
Talk with the NPC in the area to start the Quest.
Now you have to kill the Inferno Rider, he is spawning every 30 minutes.
The Inferno Rider Is Really Powerfull he can take you off very quickly if you will go alone but,
Dark Lords, Remember that you are not alone anymore and now when you joined to the side of the Heroes,
You have friends and They can help you to kill him with their powers!
(Use Summon Skill to get some help from your Party!)

After that you will complete this quest you will return the "Flame Of The Glory"
Since the war began there has been only one flame that has never been extinguished.
TIP: Use the Chaos Machine to discover the hidden power that lies within it.