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Halloween in MUDefeat!

 Dear MUDefeat Community
We would like to invite you to participate and celebrate together the Hallowen in our server!
During the Halloween MUDefeat server is going to provide you special events in the game!


MUDefeat Presents : Hallowen Event!👻
Now, lets see what is planed for you heroes!

1. Infernal Blood Castle - The map has been changed,
And all of the monsters count are in Blood Castle 1~8 is about to be Increased!
There is a Limit for 500 Monsters , and everytime they will spawned in another place Intentionally to scary you!
During this "Infernal Blood Castle" all of the Jewels are getting drop from the monsters will be Increased to X2
In addition for that, Blood Castle 8 will include a special boss for the halloween with the name "Zaikan" and he will give you also great rewards!
The map is going to be huge!
BC will start every 2 hours like usual , and this event will getting start from 29th october until ~ 4th november. 

2. Pumpkin Drop Event🎃 - During the Halloween, you will be able to recieve "Pumpkin of Luck" from all the monsters are in-game.
This Pumpkin of Luck used for to give you a buffs after you will drop it into the ground you will recieve a great buffs that will help you in the game.
For example, "Jack O'Lantern Food" will give you 500HP to your MaxHP, for the next 30 minutes!
But, Its not everything from this Pumpkin of Luck you will be able to recieve Jack O'Lantern Ring, that will transform your character into Pumpkin!
(the ring will stay with you forever - and you can sell it in the future.)
But wait, that's not all 👻
Also you can recieve from this Pumpkin of Luck - "Lucky Coins" 
And after collecting those Lucky coins there is a special NPC made for the Halloween!
Delgado will Exchange for you the Lucky Coins in a count of 10/20/30.
 And after you will exchange that Lucky Coins you will be able to recieve from Delgado,
A Super nice rewards like Excellent Items Jewels and Jester Boxes!
Ohhh , Wait?! What is that Jester Boxes??
Jesters Boxes is a special boxes are made for the Halloween! 
And from this boxes you will be able to recieve "Limited Excellent Items of the Halloween!"
The Green Jester Box will give you this Rewards:
Jack Halloween Sword - Can be used by Blade Knight!
Jack Halloween Blade - Can be used by MagicGladiator!
Jack Halloween Scepter - Can be used by DarkLord
Jack Halloween Bow - Can be used by Muse Elf.
Jack Halloween Staff - Can be used by Soul Master / Magic Galadiator / Summoner!
Jack Hallowen Shield - Can be used by Soul Master / Blade Knight / Muse Elf / MagicGladiator / Dark Lord!

And from the Red Jester Boxes you will be able to recieve this Halloween Items to.. but there is an also "High-Rate" of this Weapons!
🎃Scary Jack Weapons!🎃
This Items will have much better stats ! (DMG,AS)
Scary Jack Halloween Sword - Can be used by Blade Knight!
Scary Jack Halloween Blade - Can be used by Magic Gladiator!
Scary Jack Halloween Scepter - Can be used by DarkLord!
Scary Jack Halloween Staff - Can be used by Soul Master / MagicGladiator / Summoner!
 Scary Jack Halloween Spear - Can be used by Blade Knight / MagicGladiator / Elf!
Scary Jack Hallowen Shield - Can be used by Soul Master / Blade Knight / Muse Elf / MagicGladiator / Dark Lord!

And how can we celebrate the Halloween without special customs?!
There is a new 2 Sets are limited for this Halloween Event, that can be recieved by the boxes!
Jack Hallowen Set                                   Which Hallowen Set
               BKSMMGDLRF                                         ElfSummoner               

3. Halloween Invasion🧟‍♀️ - During this event there will be special Invasion that will be spawned in-game !
They are trying to scary the citzens of MUDefeat , Heroes your Quest is to find them and finished them-off!
And after you will kill this PumpkinBoy and ZombieGirl you will recieve from them a nice rewards!
 You can also recieve a Jester Boxes from this Invasion !
The Halloween Invasion will be started every 60 minutes,
And you can find them In this maps : Lorencia , Dungeon , Elbland , Noria Castle , Devias!

4.Trick or Treat - When you will see the Administrator "TheRoyal" in-game, you can ask him for Trick or Treat?
And than he will decide if to give you a candy or to be tricked xD
A Players has to be level 250 at least, for participate this event
If TheRoyal is denny to give you a Treat you have to Prank / Trick him in the game,
During this Halloween week a Players who will succeed to trick him will be recieve X2 Rewards!
And we will be create a topic in Personal Experiences forum to tell you about all the funny stories that happened to him in-game 

This is all the Halloween Events we have made for you in the game, now lets get started with the special events in our forum!

Halloween - Forum Events
1. Costume Competition👻
 - You have to Equip your character with customs and random Items in-game.
The 3rd Characters will be look more "Scary" - "Wierd" will recieve a great rewards! - Forum Personal Experinces.
Rewards: 1500 VC 1000 VC 500 VC for The Winners!

2. Draw a Pumpkin! - You can send us draws you have been made on a paper of a Pumpkin 🎃
And we will Select 3 Winners that's we liked their drawings at the most
You have to sign your character name on the paint. - Forum Graphic Design 
Rewards: 3000 VC 2000 VC 1000 VC for the Winners!

3. Market Lottery - We will open a Lottery for all users who have taken care to post a sales threads
where they present the Items they are selling in the game.
Every user that owned "Sell" Topic in the Market Forum will be able to participate !
MUDefeat will provide 1,000,000,000B💰 Zen for the Winner!

MUDefeat Is wishing all of you, Happy Halloween!
We hope you will enjoy during this Halloween Events!
29th October ~ 4th November.