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Server Event - Princess Of Atlans!

"After the war, the love necklace was taken from the Princess of Atlantis by one of the soldiers of the Kundun,
the necklace was meant to spread the love among the residents and when it was taken out they dismantled it into pieces.
The princess now has to collect the pearls again to make a new necklace and you have to help her because
there are sharks around every pearl and she can't do it alone she's unbale to get close there."

Heroes, your quest is to help the Princess of Atlans to Create the Pendant of Love!
Princess of Atlans (16 , 48)
The Princess will ask you to bring her "40 Pearls of Love" & Kill 100 Sharks to bring back atlans as it was before.
When the Event will be started, a Pearls & Sharks will be spawned all over Atlans in Random Places!image.png
After you will destory the Pearl you will get "Pearl of Love", you have to collect 40.
And After you will defeat the sharks you will be able to recieve Jewels & Zen Rewards!
(There is a 3 sharks guards around each pearl.. so if you will see the sharks swiming around you must know there is a pearl you got to destroy!)
But that's really not all! When the event begins a Testure Chest will be discovered on the Atlans map in a random place on the map in the same time.
The Testure Chest will also have three guards called "Atlans Soldiers".
From This Testure Chest you will get Box of Kundun +6!
From Killing this Atlans Solider you will be able to recieve Box of Kundun +1/+2/+3/+4/+5!
This Event will be started every 6 hours at Atlans and there is a big reward for completing the Princess Quest!
Quest Rewards:
There is a really good reward for completing this quest.
Heroes, you have 48 hours to complete this quest (just kidding.)
The event will be finished at 29/11/2020.
During this event you will be able to recieve a lot of Jewels & Boxes!
Hope you like it , Regards MUDefeat Administrator.