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Server Update 04/11/2020


Server Update 04/11/2020
Hello everyone and welcome to MuDefeat NEW SERVER UPDATE TOPIC!
In this topic we will explain about all the new stuff and features added to the game
This server update Include New Events , New Features , Changes in game and bug fix!
Keep an eye on this whole thread so you know about all the updates that we have been made to the game.
Lets get Started!

New Feautures:
Now we will talk about all the new things & feautres has been added into the game.
There is a many new things we have been added and upgraded the game.

- Arkania Map has been changed (V2):
- Fixed Arkania DC Problem.
- Now the Map will be much bigger than usual !
- Added New Monsters & Spots to Arkania.

New Event & Arkania Dragon Remake:
- Added New Pirate Event to Arkania.
- Arkania Dragon Model has been changed.
- Arkania Dragon Added 2 New Spawn Locations because the changes of the map.
Arkania (V3) will be released in the future.
Full Information about the Pirate King Event : Click Here

Bosses in-game (P2):
- Added New Boses into Defeated Lorencia & Noria Castle & Elbland Sky
- Final Quest of Lorencia Noria Elbland now will require to kill boss.
  Reward Change to Box of Kundun +1 & Jewel of Bless from - Heart Of Love.

Added New Boss to Darkness Forest "Darkness Pegasus"
The Darkness Pegasus is one of the Magicial Pegasus from the Darkside is joined into the MU-World.

Mounts Skill: Plasma Storm
- Added Plasma Storm (Fenrir Skill) Into all the new mounts in the game.
- Added Option to Summoner Elf to use Plasma Storm skill.
- Can be used by all of the mounts in game
- The Skill will Destory 50% of the target Durability.

New Anchient Sets in-game:
We have been added all the Anchient sets from S15 called "Uber" into the game.
- Now there is a lot of options to combine with other Anchient Sets!
- Fixed  all of the Anchient Sets Name.
- Fixed Anchient Set Options Rave & Anubis.
- Fixed Evolution stone cannot be used in Anchient Items.
We will add in future more sets & v2 upgrades for anchients.

New Archangel Weapon in-game:
We would like to make the Blood Castle more attractive ! 
- Added New Divine of Archangel Weapons: Lance Claws Elf Shields.

Archangel Divine Claws:
We have been added into the Archangel Mystery Chest (RF Claws [Tier 1 ~ 10])
 - Can be evolved by using the Archangel Evolution Stone.

Archangel Divine Lances:
We have been added into the Archangel Mystery Chest (2H Lances [Tier 1 ~ 10])
 - Can be evolved by using the Archangel Evolution Stone.

Archangel Divine Elf Shields:
We have been added into the Archangel Mystery Chest (Elf Shields [Tier 1 ~ 10])
 - Can be evolved by using the Archangel Evolution Stone.

- Archangel Shield - Fixed Stats (Tier 1~10)
- Archangel Blade [Tier 1~5] changed to "Two-Handed Weapon".
  from Tier 6 Its will be [One-Hand Weapon].

Remake - New NPC Models:
- We Have been changed some NPC Models.
to remake their model into 2020 like how MUDefeat does :3
Big Credits to my brother Lilito3D for makin this models.

Remake: Aida Goblins New Models!
- Craft Refine Stone & Clean Refine Option .

Merchant : Alex
Before & After Remake

Merchant: Martin
Before & After Remake

Changes In-game:
First we will talk about all the things has been changed in the game.
This changelog contains things and features that already exist, in our server.

PVP Balance (Important!)
- Added New Balance PVP into the game.
Soon Will be Created a full topic that will explain to you the logic of the PVP balance
And you will get know what is the Advantages (+/-) of each class in-game.
The PVP Events will be started from this moment everyweek.
The First Castle Siege of MUDefeat will be started at : 12/11/2020.
- PVPChampionship will be started at: 10/11/2020.
- Team Vs Team will be started at: 06/11/2020.
- Devias Castle War will be started at: 11/11/2020.
- Battle Royale is currently terminated until we finish working on it again.
Full Guide about this PVP events will be released to the comunnity soon.

Following this PVP Balance:
- Fixed all Classes Combo.
- SU Combo Speed Increased.
Chain Lightning > Darin Life Lightning Shock
- Elf Combo has been changed : Primary Skill : Triple Shot .
Triple Shot > Ice Arrow Multishot.
- Rage Figther Combo has been changed: Primary Skill: Killing Blow Phoenix Star 
Killing Blow > Chain Drive Darkside.
- SM Combo Has been Fixed: Primary Skill: Poision.
Poision > Ice Storm Decay .
- DL Combo Has been Fixed: Primary Skill: Fire Burst.
Fire Burst > Fire Scream  Birds  Earthquake.
- MG Combo Primary Skill changed to: "Fire Slash" or "Gignatic Storm".
Fire Slash Gignatic Storm > Twisting Slash & Power Slash

DL Horses:
- Inferno Horse: Damage Increased by 25% from 10%.
(10% Bonus DMG MORE than Original DarkHorse)
- Inferno Horse: Added 39% DMG Reducation.
- Horse Of Shadow: Added 39% DMG Reducation.
- Black Horse: Added 39% DMG Reduaction.

- New Party EXP Fourmula has been updated.
Now you will get more EXP than usual per each member in your party include your self.
(Its will Increase the EXP Count by +6.5% (per each) changed from -20%)

Bosses in-game:
- Bosses Timer has been changed:
Now the Global (Server Notice) won't be spammed cause of couple bosses spawning in the same time.
- Bosses Drop has been changed: from 100% to 80% Success rate per each item.
- Darkness Knight Spawn Locations - Fixed.
- Bresker Wolf Spawn Locations - Fixed.
- Infernal Guardian Spawn Locations - Fixed.
- Sapi Queen "Kage Bulshino" Has been removed from the game.
- Added Skills for all the Bosses in game. (Freeze,Teleport,Poison).

- Changes in Kanturu Event.
- KanturuEvent , Nightmare drop changed to 5 Gemstones.
- Kanturu Event time changed to 4 hours .
-  Nightmare has been recieved a new model: Remake!

Another Bugs has been Fixed:
- Fixed Daybreak & Nightbreak text changed from 1H Weapon to 2H Weapon.
- Fixed all the Swords V2 Text "One-Handed" to Two-Handed.
- Changed the text in the Quest Window "Legend Lorencia's Quests" into "Defeated Lorencia Quests".
- Fixed Quest Envlopes text in the Quests Window "Obtain Envelope +no luck +no skill"
- Fixed Map name changed from Elvland to "Elbeland" in the corrdents position.
- Fixed "Decay" skill text can be used by "elf" removed.
- Fixed a bug of Summoner Wings.
- Fixed Summoner Wings Upgrade with Feather.
- Fixed Summoner Wings to Create Feather in the chaos machine.
- Fixed Noria Castle Spots (Monster count reduce.) 
- Fixed Bug Dark Bless & Dark Soul cannot be use anymore on Pets Rings Pendants.
- Fixed Box of Kundun +2 drop Bone set +7 changed to 0.
- Fixed a Bug were RF could equip BK Gloves.
- Fixed bug Summoner has been recieved 5 points per each level, changed to 6.
- Fixed Arkania , Diamond Cave , Inferno Hell Respawn Location - Safe Zone.
- Diamond Cave Spot : 50 X 50 - Monsters count reduce.
- Storm Jahad Armor Fixed Durability + Stats Requierd.
- Aura Dragon Fist ItemPosition has been fixed.
- Halloween Jack Staff - Fixed Model.

Server Update will be Released at 05/11/2020 - 13:00PM Server Time.
We Hope you will enjoy from this update.