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Server Update 10/10/2020

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Dear players, after a lot of work we are ready to upload the new update for MUDefeat.
In this update we added a lot of new things to you, we changed things in the game and fixed bugs on the server.
We are proud to present to you the new update of MUDefeat of 10102020.
Please read all the updates so you will know what happened on the server and download the new update by using our launcher.
MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !
New Site for MUDefeat!
Dear friends,after a lot of work together with talented designers and programmers,
we are proud to present you the new website of MUDefeat.
We can announce that we have a website adapted site for 2020 that supports all the systems and options
that can be performed in the game through the site. We are proud to show you that the community is progressing more and more day by day.
We hope you enjoy the site because we think it will be very useful for you and for us!
Please visit the site :
 Press Control+Shift+R to Release the Cahce 🙂

MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !
New Feautres in-game:
- Added new button for off-store (no need to use command anymore):
- Off-Store time Increased to 24Hours.

- Added New Gift command for VIP GOLD !
You can recieve 4 random Items, from that list:
10 Jewels of Bless 10 Jewels of Soul 10 Jewels of Life 10 Jewels Of Chaos  BC Cloak Invsibility +8 Devil Square Invasion +7 Kalima Lost Map +7 .
If you are already VIP Gold member type /gift to recieve your reward ! (The character supposed to be level 380 at least) - 1 per account.

- Added Option to Open the Inventory while using the MUHelper.
We think its will be much more comfortable for you now 🙂

- Added New Event PVPChampionship !
Heroes, we would like to test who is the strongest player in MuDefeat.
So we Created for you new event that's called PVP Championship !
In this tournament you will fight each other in the huge BattleGround Arena and we will test your skills.
Full guide will be released soon as possible!

- Added New Effects for all the Bows & Crossbow thats Updated to V2.

- HQ Classes S12 Updated, now you can see all the characters in the game in higher-quality.
MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !
Changes in-game:
- Lost Tower 3,4,7 Monster Count - Increased.
- Loch's Feather drop Descreased by -50%.
- Item Drop time Increased to 60s from 30s.
- Money Drop time Increased to 25s from 15s.
- Command Reset Stats price updated to 1500 Credits.
- Castle Siege Skills cannot be used on the regular server anymore.
- Knight Kingdom EXP Descreased by -45%.
- Knight Kingdom Monster Power balanced.
- Added New Spots to Knight Kingdom (Full Map).
- Blood Bone & Archangel scroll +7+8 Level drop changed:
BC7 Items can be found in monsters are level: 85~121 changed from 100~112.
BC8 Items can be found in monsters are level: 121~200 changed from 112~150.

MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !
Bug Fixed:
Requierd STR for Empire Leather Helemt - Bug Fixed.
Removed DeathAngel Spawn MSG Alert - Bug Fixed.
Bronze VIP Can not be purchased - Bug Fixed.
MG Boots Can not be equipped - Bug Fixed.
/move wild jungle (Teleport to LorenValley) - Bug Fixed.
Box Of Kundun +12 High rate for 3exc opt - Bug Fixed.
MG Equip Dragon Knight Pants Brave Pants Aschrow Pants - Bug Fixed. 
Archangel Staffs stats updated (Wizardy Damage & Attack Speed) - Bug Fixed.
Great Dragon Pant  Dark Phoenix Pants  Black Dragon Pants (NO OPT) - Bug Fixed.
Quest #25 kill 45 Vepars , Item changed from "Black Rose Stick" to Light Plate Helm - Bug Fixed.
Lorencia Noria Elbland Mission Commander Final Quest, from now its dosent requierd to kill a boss anymore - Bug Fixed.
MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !
We are happy to upload this update for you and continue to work hard for this amazing community.