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Server Update 18/10/2020

Server Update | 18/10/2020 - Patch.
Hello Everyone and welcome to MUDefeat Patch Notes!
In this patch we worked mostly on technical changes in the game and bug fixes.
Feel free to read the changelog to stay up to date on what has changed in the game
But First, before we begin.
It is important for us to note that from this moment on without updating the game it will no longer be possible to log in to the server.

Bug Fixed:
- Fixed Selupan Drop.
- Fixed Archangel Mystery Chest
- Archangel Blade (MG)Equipped by DK - Fixed.
- Elf Buffer Quests Removed.
- Fixed Bug Kundun Spawn. 
- Fixed DL Teleport BUG - Now you can use Teleport skill in the new maps.
- Added DL Teleportation "Level Requiertments" - now he can't teleport you to maps is higher than your level.
- Icarus Quest 1# & 4# Fixed.
- Aida Quest 2# Fixed.
- Fixed MG Pants Durability BUG + NO OPT .
- Valery Devias Armor Seller removed from Noria Castle.
- Lumen the Barmaid fixed in Noria Castle & Lorencia (Spiders).
- Noria Castle , fixed little area were blocked.

Changes In-game:
- Added TIPS in game notice.
- Added Items Post Delay = 30Seconds .
- Added Delay to [Post] Msg = 15 Seconds.
- Bosses All the Bosses In-game Rebalanced.
- MG DL Create from 1 Reset 3 Reset. - Special for Grand Opening - ENDED.
Dark Lord "Return Flame of the glory" - Click Here!
- MG Quest : Soon you will have full Information.

- Cherry Blossom Branches X2 Drop Event - Deactivated.
- Added New Event Quest "Rose The Hunter" - Click Here
- Archangel Mystery Chest has now 75% Success rate, if its fail you will recieve 1,000,000 zen.

Changes In the Cashshop:
- Loch's Feather Price reduce to 250 VIP Credits.
- Talisman of Luck Price reduce to 350 VIP Credits.
- BC , DS , Kalima Ticket (10 Uses) Price reduce to 500
- Cashshop Frozen Lake stone Price Reduce to 300 VIP Credits.
- Gemstone Teleport Ticket price reduce to 150 VIP Credits.
- Added NEW HORSE with same OTP like Inferno Horse + BONUS EXP FOR 1430 DAYS.
Black DarkHorse (14 Days):                                                                                               Horse Of Shadow (30 Days):

(Can be used only by DarkLord, no refunds for mistakes.)

- Added New Bundles:
I want Excellents!! - Price: 1,100 VC
Includes: (Box of Kundun +1, Box of Kundun +2, Box of Kundun+3, Box of Kundun +4, Box of Kundun +5)

I Love Jewels ❤️ - Price: 8,000 VC
Includes: (x130 Jewels of Bless & x130 Jewels of Soul.)

Why Not 2 Pets? - Price: 12,500 VC
Includes: (Auqa Phoenix 14 Days, Battle Bunny 14 Days, Box of Kundun +5, x130 Jewels of Bless & Soul.)
These packages can be purchased for a limited time until the date : 01/11/2020.

- Added New Specialist
Box of Kundun+1 - Price: 150 VC
Box of Kundun+2 - Price: 250 VC
Box of Kundun +3 - Price: 350 VC
Box of Kundun +4 - Price: 500 VC
Box of Kundun+5 - Price: 650 VC
These packages can be purchased for a limited time until the date : 01/11/2020.
We are looking for donations because we recently purchased new models of monsters and bosses that cost about $ 350 for the server.

Maps Monsters changes:
- Knight Kingdom - Monsters Buffed + EXP Buffed.
- Diamond Cave - Monsters Buffed + EXP Buffed.
- Inferno Hell - Monsters Buffed + EXP Buffed.
- Arkania - Monsters Buffed + EXP Buffed.
- Added New Monsters to the Map : Knight Kingdom.



- Added New Maps & Monster will be release in the next update of our server. at nov.

Spanish & Portuguese - Added to the Client:
Ola Spain, Oi Brazil we are very happy that you are taking part of our community.
We have been added SPN POR Languge into the game, you can switch to your languge by using our launcher,
If is there any problems mistakes has been found within the translation please contact our support forum: Click Here

UI-Interface Fixes:
First, Lets stats with the UI-Interface Fixes.
We are has been improved the UI Interface in game to make it less broken.


UI Fixes:

image.png - Personal Shop  Texture

image.png  - Personal Shop Fixed.

image.png - Inventory Slot silver Border removed.
      image.png - Inventory slot after silver border removed

image.png - Texture bar Inventory Slot ( Left , Right )

image.png - Texture Bar Inventory Slot - Fixed.

image.png - Zen amount.
           image.png - New Zen ammount 

As you know , we are trying to maximize the Potential of Season 6.
And soon we will try to bring you Fully S15 Interface, its going to be our next project.
Please download the new patch by using our launcher.