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MUDefeat - Story Lore

Before the war started,
The Kundun was angry at the order in which the world was run, within it he spread to dark places.
After the kundun sucked the forces of the world.
Our heroes went out to fight him with the name of god,
When their forces collided with each other the power was insane! there was a huge explosion!
And from there.. the chaos actually began!
When the chaos began a monsters were resurrected.
Heroes, your quest is to find them and finish them-off!

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MUDefeat - Server Information

MUDefeat contains full MMO-RPG Advantege that will compare this game from 2003 to other MMO-RPG games in 2020.
We have been upgraded the game more than as you think.
our server includes a lot parts from MuOrigin2.
We are the First MuOnline server thats contain this Parts of
MuOrigin2. In MuDefeat You actually can update all the Items & Sets into V2 Upgrade!
In MuDefeat you can even evolve your wings into Tier 13,you have 13 diffirent tiers of evolution of wings!

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Akris Dragons Hunting Season (Part 1) - Active Event!

"During the war for freedom, our heroes set out in search of the same dragons that roam free and cast fear on the various maps of the mu-world. These dragons were released to search for him in the wake of the chaos that took place after the Kundun attacked the land and destroyed Lorencia."

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Save the MU-World
from the Bosses Invasion!

Heroes, We need your help to Save the Mu-World from the Bosses Invasion!
In MuDefeat there is a lot of bosses that Invade to the world
Durig the Chaos Explosion that released to the World, there is a alot of Bosses that released into the game.
Heroes, You quest is to find them & finish them-off!

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